Needs Assessment & Settlement Planning

At the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA) our aim is to help newcomers to integrate into Canadian society. Where newcomers can enjoy their rights, enjoy a welcoming community, and help Canada grow socially and culturally, once they immigrated to Canada. To achieve this, after a newcomer’s immigration, our settlement workers go through an assessment of a newcomer’s needs and create a personalized settlement plan.

Following the plan we ensure that clients and relevant service providers are aware of the newcomers needs and work towards meeting those needs. As those needs are meet we look over the plan to meet any new needs on a on-going basis.

Our team of settlement workers is ready to meet your needs please contact our office to book an appointment.

IOR - Information, Orientation, and Referral

What is Information, Orientation, and Referral (IOR)?

At the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA) our settlement workers help newcomers settle into Canada after their immigration. Our Information, Orientation, and Referral service do just that. They help newcomers understand life in Canada by promptly providing useful and accurate information.

We hold a number of information products and orientation sessions. In doing an initial and on-going assessment of a newcomer’s needs, the settlement workers tailor the information products, and referrals to meet those needs.

Common areas where we provide Information, Orientation, and Referral services are:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Language
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social

Out team of settlement workers is available to do intake, please contact our office to book an appointment.

Employment Services Partner

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Community Connections

The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA) – Community Connection program connect newcomers to the broader community and social networks. Following an assessment and planning, by our settlement workers, and referral to the Community Connections program, our staff will meet and connect newcomers to our welcoming community. 

Our welcoming community, consists of trained and supported, partners and volunteers. Newcomer program participants are engaged on an individual and community-level, based on the newcomer’s assessment and plan. In the community connections program, newcomers get experience and understand life in Canada, access community resources, and provide cultural awareness to the welcoming community.

Our team of settlement workers is ready to meet your needs. and refer you to this program, please contact our office to book an appointment.

Welcoming Community - Partners and Volunteers 

Partners and Volunteers play a big part in creating awareness of newcomer’s contributions and needs and informally engage in newcomer settlement. Cultural awareness and antiracism is made possible through their participation in the Community Connections program and bridging them with newcomers. We do screen all program participants and provide orientation and training to all partners and volunteers.

Organizations and volunteers that are interested in being an active part of the welcoming community and growing their engagement social responsibility in diversity can work with the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA) in partnership or through volunteering.

If you or your organization is interested in please contact our office for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering please view our opportunities page for more information at the top of the page.