Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada - LINC


تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية

Aprende Inglés

Learning English and learning about life in Canada. They share their experiences, hopes and frustrations as newcomers, and develop friendships and connections. Instruction is provided in all skill areas (listening and speaking, reading and writing) from LINC 1 to LINC 7 and Literacy. Full-time day and part-time day classes are offered.


Our instructors are members of TESL-Ontario, and each holds an Ontario Teachers Certificate
Students with children under five years of age receive subsidized day care, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in City-run day care centres partnership with the City of Thunder Bay Children’s Services enables us to place students’ children in the Algoma Day Care Centre NEW provided students with job search assistance, professional resumés, and job referrals.

We provided 2775 hours of language instruction in this fiscal year centred in the following areas.

  • Canada (geography, weather, history)
  • Canadian Culture (celebrations, leisure activities, customs & social behaviours, cultural diversity)
  • Education (a child’s education; education system in Ontario)
  • At Home in Our Community (housing problems, finding a place to live, real estate, the environment)
  • Family & Relationships (family relationships, roles and responsibilities, parenting)
  • Travel and Transportation (public transit, getting a driver’s license)
  • Banking, Budgeting
  • Employment (health & safety, job search, workplace culture)
  • Health & Safety (food and nutrition, hand washing, women’s health, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, doctors and dentists, fire safety)
  • Community & Government Services (citizenship, neighbourhood programs, libraries, housing,)
  • Commercial Services & Businesses (pharmacy, shopping, supermarket)
  • Canadian Law (immigrant women and domestic violence, Employment Standards Act, landlords and tenant, police)
  • Field Trips
  • Assessment Centre for CLB for Northwestern Ontario.


LINC School

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Free English Classes LINC is available to Permanent Residents (Landed Immigrant) 18 years and older, with Child-care and transportation support services available. We offer both full-time and part-time classes to suit your needs. Classes are offered for all levels – Literacy, LINC 1 & 2, 3-5, LINC 6 and 7 for Study and Work. Language Proficiency Assessments are done for placement in the appropriate LINC level classes. Child care is available while you attend classes, if your children are between 6 months and five years of age. Benefits of Attending LINC School

  • Computer-assisted language lab
  • Improve English Language Skills
  • Small Classes
  • Practical topics for life in Canada
  • Free Childminding
  • Learn about Canadian Culture
  • TESL Ontario Certified Teachers
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Field trips to interesting Thunder Bay locations
  • Make new friends
  • Full-time, part-time and evening classes available

Graduation Speech - Waweh

Graduation Speech - Ray Paw

Graduation Speech - Ping Lu

LINC Home Study

If you are a Newcomer in Northwestern Ontario who is eligible for LINC , but unable to attend regular classes, you may* be able to study English at home through the LINC Home Study Program. *Minimum benchmarks apply. LINC Home Study lets you learn English in the comfort of your own home using a computer or books and CDs. Common situations where Home Study is preferred:

  • health issue(s) preventing classroom attendance
  • lack of transportation to classroom programs in your region
  • employment scheduling conflict(s), such as rotating shift work
  • lack of classroom programs in your region
  • lack of child-minding services for your LINC classroom programs
  • children too young for the child-minding program in your region

To inquire about LINC or to arrange for an assessment contact Leema or Maggie at: (807) 345-0551 Toll-Free: 1-866-831-1144 toll free (for 807 and 705 area codes) Email: Leema- leemaf(at) Maggie- maggiel(at) Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada is federally funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada